It's A WildLife Duvet Cover

Duvet Sets and bedding from Euromoda

Funky New Duvet Sets and Bedding

Euromoda have produced an amazing range of duvet sets and pillows for sale online and at outlets throughout Spain. Utilizing our It’s A WildLife characters, the duvet sets create a real statement in anyones bedroom. You can view the whole range online.

Manufacturer: Creaciones Euromoda

About The Brand: It’s A WildLife

Initially targeting the youth fashion, stationery, wall art and accessories markets, It’s a WildLife rolled out across European and US retail in late 2015 and has already built to a major presence.

With strong apparel lines in development from Cooneen/Misirli and posters on the way from Pyramid to complement the amazing product development on bags, bottles and ceramics from Spearmark, the UK market is building fast for It’s a Wild Life.

It’s a Wild Life is a new design property that has all the hallmarks of a licensing success story. It’s a Wild Life brings together fashion, style and humour through a stunning blend of design and photography.

The brand combines wildlife with uniquely human characteristics and accessories, all topped with clever and funny captions. We have over 40 characters available and they are growing all of the time.  These are just a few of them! It’s A WildLife has lots of products on the market and they feature lots of different characters. Have a look at our product news page and see what’s available.